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What does smoothing therapy do?


  • Reduces frizz and curl

  • Restores smoothness, vibrancy and shine

  • Blocks humidity from entering the cuticle and causing frizz

  • Increases  silkness and healthy texture

  • Improves the health of all hair types



Keratin Complex products are gentle enough for use on all hair types, including chemically processed, relaxed, color-treated, bleached and highlighted hair.

Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This Smoothing Therapy seals keratin to the cuticle to dramatically reduce frizz and curl, repairs existing damage and blocks the effects of humidity to make hair smooth, soft and shiny. It cuts styling time, making the hair easy to blow-dry and style. Results last up to 3 months and the hair becomes healthier with each treatment.

Will it make hair straight?
This is not a straightening treatment, it is a smoothing treatment that puts protein back in the hair and it will not chemically or permanently change your hair.

Price:  starting at 200.00 (depends on the length and type of hair)


Before               After

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